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How Does My Browser Cash Work & How Do I Earn Money With MyBrowserCash?
Answer: It's Simple. My BrowserCash is a software application that allows you to earn money doing what you already do, browsing the internet! (Using Firefox or Internet Explorer, Chrome is currently not supported).
Unlike most "Paid To Click" & "Paid To Read" sites, you do not have to be logged into the members area to earn cash Browsing the web.
Our software lets you browse just like you normally would but earn cash for viewing, clicking or taking action on advertisements. (note: We do NOT disclose which websites pay for viewing, clicking or taking action to protect the system and advertisers, though we can tell you browsing popular ecommerce sites like ebay, amazon etc is a great way to maintain a steady daily income).
While you go about searching and browsing as you normally would, every so often our system will display advertisements (or by embedding them seemlessly into sites you visit so you will be making money and not even know it!).
We have multiple ways of showing advertisements and we keep them as non-intrusive as possible. You will see popups once and a while, and sometimes words on pages will be linked to advertisers, and when searching or browsing a site you may see a little text ad on the site. Popups and text boxes are branded with the MyBrowserCash name.
For the most part you won't see much difference from your normal browsing experience. We then take the money generated from these ads and share it with you!
Note: To protect our Advertisers and System from abuse we do not disclose exactly how earnings are calculated from ad views, clicks or actions.
While this may seem odd to some as they are used to sitting on a site clicking ads for pennies, we want you to earn money browsing the web doing, what you already do!

Can I Install MyBrowserCash On More Than One Computer?
Answer: Yes. However remember you are only allowed one user account, so you should NOT create a new account for each computer.
To install MyBrowserCash on more than one computer, simply install the software on the other computer(s). Once it is installed be sure to login to the members area before you start browsing. This will update our records with the software ID so we can track earnings.
You can log out of the members area once you've logged in and continue to browse. Just be sure to login to the members area when switching between computers.

How Do I Know I'll Get Paid?
Answer: MyBrowserCash.com is owned by Digital Paper Products, Inc. A company that has been doing business online in the Business Opportunity Category for over 10 years.
You can check our domain DigitalPaperProducts.com with any Whois service for verification of this.
Over these years we have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to affiliates, partners and others. We have had no complaints of non payment to any affiliate EVER!

I'm Having Problems After Installing MyBrowserCash.
Answer: If you are experiencing any issues after installing the software please submit a support ticket so we can have our developers take a look and fix these issues quickly.

My Computer Says Your Software Is Spyware, Malware or Worse!
Answer: Our Software was sent to Norton Antivirus (Symantec) on August 1st,2011 to be reviewed by Norton (Symantec) so it could be Whitelisted (meaning it's safe and only does what we say it does).
We're proud to say MyBrowserCash was Whitelisted and added to their list as Safe, Malware and Virus Free Software on August 11th 2011!
However some other programs may not like the fact our software connects to our server to display ads (such as MalewareBytes).
To show adsvertisments we need to know which computer with the software installed is connected so we can deliver the advertisement and credit your account correctly.
When we show you ads the information we receive from you is completely anonymous, however many programs see this as a potential threat when done through a browser and alert you.
Our code may appear suspicious (to a heuristic scan) but it's not. You can read our full privacy policy if this is a concern to you.
If you receive these alerts you can allow an acception by simply clicking "Allow" when alerted by the program or adding MyBrowserCash to the ignore list (in Malware Bytes for example, open MalwareBytes then click on ignore list and then go to c:\program files\mybrowsercash\mybrowsercash.exe and also add mybrowsercashupdater.exe in the same directory).
It is important the mybrowsercashupdater.exe is allowed to update the program to make sure you are running the latest version that fixes bugs and other compatibility issues.
We do not store or track any personally identifiable information to show or display any advertisement. We can not track any personally identifiable information nor do we need to, to show targeted ads.
We only use cookies and user id's for tracking. Cookies are placed on your computer with information so we can retrieve it from our site.
This is used to identify the software to link it to your account and track earnings. To do this your computer must contact our servers to let us know the computer the software is on is accessing a website.
We can now deliver targeted advertisements based on this information using the least possible abrusivness.
By integrating advertising seemlessly into the web sites you visit allows an increase in advertisers ROI and allows them to spend more money for more traffic for more conversions!

This means higher payouts and more money for YOU!
When Will I Receive My Payment?
Answer: To qualify for payment your account needs a balance of at least $20USD. Once you reach this amount simply click "Withdraw Funds" at the top of any members page and complete the form.
Commissions are paid to the Paypal or AlertPay account you specify when you make a withdraw.

Gold Member FAQ

I Upgraded But My Account Is Still Not A Gold Member?
Answer: First, Make Sure your card was successfully charged (see Billing FAQ). If it has been actually charged and verified please use the support page and select billing issues for the category and submit as much detail as possible (including dates, times, email addresses, mailing address etc if possible).

Billing FAQ

I See More Than One Charge On My Card?
Answer: First, make sure the charge is a debit not an authorization. Credit Cards are charges in 5 steps.
1. You enter your credit Card Information
2. It is sent to the "Gateway" to meet certain criteria (e.g. make sure the number is a valid card number, which type of card it it, address matches the billing address on the card, checks the zip code then verifies the 3 digit (or 4 digit on AMEX cards) match) security code.
3. If all of #2 passes, the card information is then sent to the authorization stage. This checks the card to make sure there are enough funds on the card to make the purchase. (see authorizations for more details on this stage ).
4. After #3 passes the authorization stage, it is then sent to capture. This applies the debit to your account (at days end, which is specified on a merchant to merchant time setting, most merchants settle at 4-5PM EST to avoid bank closings).
5. The funds then settle and begin the transfer through the banking system to our account. This can take up to 7 business days, however usually this takes 3 business days. This also means any credit may take another 7 business days.
It can actually take up to 10 business days but 7 days is the maximum we've seen through over 10 years of processing online purchases).
6. Complete. The card was charged, debited and credited to the final banking destination.
As we mentioned before about Authorizations as part of the Charge Process. When a card is authorized it reducing the amount of credit the card has available.
This is to stop from overcharging the card too quickly.
This authorization will show up as a temporary charge on your card until it is captured or expires (usually captured immediately but will expire if not captured within 4 business days).
If the card is declined this will still show up as reducing the amount of credit the card has until this hold is released.
This is due to regulations on charging cards and shipping products. To allow the merchant time to process the order in order to charge the card. While this may sound archaic this is the current system in place in the digital world.
So you may see multiple charges if your charge was declined or declined then accepted, or possibly multiple declines. Our system is 99% completely automated and double charges are very rarely seen from hundreds of thousands of transactions.
Summary: cards are not charged and credit to merchants immediately and a charge on your card to be a real debit is not guaranteed until it passes the 4 day grace period until it is fully debited and credit to the merchant (this can actually take up to 7 business days, however our account history shows 4 days to be the standard timeframe).

How Do I Delete My Account?
Answer: As much as we'd like you to stay. If you really want to delete your MyBrowserCash account, simply change your password to
Setting your password to this will automatically remove your account within 10 minutes.
Please remember. This is NOT REVERSABLE. When you change your passwotd to deletedaccount your account will be automatically deleted by the system.
You will lose all of your referrals and earnings. We are not responsible for accidental account deletion and can not recover any funds due to this.

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